Welcome to my blog! I created this blog with the intention to have a place to share my experiences and stories with my family and friends. As some of you already know – I’m an aspiring world traveler, and this is a great way keep track of where I’m going and keeping in touch with everyone at home. I look forward to reading through my blog posts in a couple of years with the hope that I will be able to say I am living my dreams of traveling and nursing abroad. First on my bucket list is a trip to Peru and Costa Rica with my friend Alex. We will be backpacking for the month of August, and some of the highlights of our trip are Machu Picchu, sand boarding in Huacachina, learning to surf in Tamarindo, and hiking throughout Costa Rica (and lots more)! I’m looking forward to using this blog as a way to keep you all informed of my latest adventures and maybe inspiring some of you to start traveling too!

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

8/5/2013 07:21:07

Gramma wanted to make sure you knew that Erin read them your first post. She had me read it to them again today... they love you Chelsea and are very proud of you! I have updated them on your last posts so they are now up to date on your adventure! Great pictures! Love you and safe travels...xoxo


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