Where to begin! The flight from Toronto to Lima was 8 hours overnight. The Lima airport was very chaotic and disorganized and our flight was delayed so we ended up missing our connecting flight to Cuzco. Anyway, nothing we can't handle. We ended up getting on the next flight to Cuzco which is just over an hour flight. Upon arrival in Cuzco we took a cab to our hotel and of course had to bargain a deal and not be taken advantage of. The driver had tried to make us pay 50 dollars American, and we ended up only paying 20 American, which in reality was probably still too much but we just wanted to get to our hotel. We are staying at the Antawasi hotel and our room has 2 beds and our own bathroom. We were expecting more of a shared accommodation hostel so we are quite happy. Before coming to Cuzco we knew about the potential for altitude sickness, and you for sure notice it. Cuzco's elevation is about 3400 m (11,200ft). We are both short of breath and I have had a headache on and off and have noticed my heart rate is increased. We are getting used to the altitude and hope after a good nights sleep we feel better tomorrow. We explored the city today and went to the city square, Playa De Armas. Walking around you notice the women's colourful traditional Peruvian clothing and also that there are lots of stray dogs everywhere. Also it is colder than we anticipated - people are wearing hats and mittens! We may need to buy some tomorrow but we only have 2 more days in Cuzco and the rest of our travels we will be in warmer places!

More updates to follow! :)


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